chemical manufacturers & chemical distributors

Gator Chemicals is a leading cleaning chemical company and as such has been formulating and marketing cleaning solutions for over 30 years in Florida. We are cleaning chemicals manufacturers and provide cleaning products to:

  • JanSan Distributors
  • Paper Distributors
  • Food Distributors
  • Construction Distributors
  • Retail Outlets - S32 Spot and Stain Remover

Our mission is to provide and sell environmentally friendly cleaning products wherever possible. We have been a partner of the EPA's Design for the Environmental program since 2008.

We also offer a full range of dispensing and proportioning systems and an outside sales group of representatives servicing our many cleaning chemical distributors.

We also support our distributors with our own group of specially trained laundry and ware wash technicians, installing and maintaining laundry and kitchen operations. We install and service ADS and CMA dish machines as well as other brands..

We supply our chemical and cleaning products to all areas of the USA, Caribbean, South America and the rest of the World. Currently the most popular areas we supply chemical and cleaning products to are:- Sarasota, Ocala, Tampa, St Petersburg, Orlando, Miami, Naples, Ft Myers, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, St Augustine, Clearwater, Panama City, Gainesville and throughout Florida together with Tobago, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, St Thomas and the Virgin Islands.

Also our distributors can be found throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America and of course north America. We're looking to increase our distributors, click here to view our Caribbean distribution requirements.

To become a trusted distributor please contact us on the number below.


800-224-9199 OR Service@GatorChemical.COM


Chemical manufacturers and chemical distributors

chemical manufacturers florida

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